I see the boys impressing girls As they are dancing to the beat Underneath the moonlight Expectations Reaching for the sky Life is good to me Life is beautiful Feel the city heat I'm in control Life is good to me

all I know, I know, it's not so bad at all Sleeping became useless When the thought had hit my mind Hit my mind, hit my mind The markings from your socks Impressing skin into design Into design, into design

Both humourous and fun it's great for Trivia Buffs Breaking the ice at a faculty drinks party Impressing your maths professor Passing time waiting in line in the lunch queue We intend to continue expanding the joke

Both informative and fun it's great for Trivia Buffs Randomly picking up useful facts Impressing friends and family Keeping busy when it's raining at the cricket ground! We intend to continue expanding the fact database

Your baby photos would look more vivacious and cute immediately, impressing people at once to appreciate them in detail.3. This album also offers various pretty Personalized Subject Scene. It is capable of self appreciation

Reduce the number of folding paper, adjust the machinery, try adding an impressing device on the glue machinery, and I'll apprize you whether it's feasible in early May.减少折叠时的张数,调整机器,试着在过胶机上


Crazy Summer Nights
It's Not So Bad At All